Moreno Osteopathy is a friendly and accessible health centre, we have highly skilled osteopaths in Eltham, providing osteopathic care to all throughout life.

Founded in 2015 by British School of Osteopathy graduates Reynol Moreno and Elizabeth Blackwell, we have a wealth of knowledge to provide the most suitable treatment for you.


An image of team member and male osteopath Reynol Moreno - Moreno Osteopathy, you're in good hands


Rey completed a Master’s degree at the University College of Osteopathy and he has since undergone further training in Classical Osteopathy. He is the founder of Moreno Osteopathy in Eltham, as well as practicing in West Sussex.

Rey treats patients of all ages for a range of musculoskeletal problems and he specialises in the treatment of sports related injuries working part-time with athletes and boxers.

As a former personal trainer, cyclist, keen triathlete and runner, Rey has an experienced and well-rounded approach when treating and advising his patients.

Rey is very passionate about his work as an osteopath. This shows through his determination to clear patients of pain and dysfunction and his will to help people lead a healthier and more confident life.

Rey’s professional memberships include:

  • The General Osteopathic Council
  • The Institute of Osteopathy
  • The Institute of Classical Osteopathy

An image of team member and female osteopath Lizzie Blackwell - Moreno Osteopathy, you're in good hands


Lizzie is a fully qualified and registered osteopath who graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly the British School of Osteopathy) in 2017.

During her Master’s degree Lizzie investigated chronic pain and pain management and worked in many specialised clinics treating patients with a range of conditions including those with chronic pain, expectant mothers, children, sportsmen, the elderly, HIV sufferers and the homeless.

Over recent years Lizzie has built up particular expertise in treating expectant mothers, babies and children of all ages. She has undertaken postgraduate training in cranial osteopathy with the Rollin Becker Institute, and she recently completed a post graduate certificate in specialist paediatric osteopathic practice from the UCO.

Combining her experience with her osteopathic practice Lizzie has developed a unique and in-depth perspective on treating musculoskeletal pain and associated disorders. She is committed to finding the root cause of the presenting problem and working with other health care practitioners to ensure that each individual has the most appropriate care. Osteopathic treatment is tailored to each persons needs, and addresses both the symptoms and the cause of pain.

Outside of the treatment room Lizzie leads an active lifestyle promoting well-being and good health. She also has a very spritely toddler who keeps her on her toes!

Lizzie is registered with the general osteopathic council, is a member of The Institute of Osteopathy and has full indemnity insurance.


You can be confident that your osteopath in Eltham has the skills, qualifications and knowledge to help you to live a healthier life.

It typically takes 4 years to become a qualified osteopath and over 1,000 hours of clinical training.

Moreno Osteopathy requires its osteopaths to maintain their skills through ongoing training and professional development.