Osteopathy is a total system of healthcare, suitable for individuals of all ages including infants and children.

The Tenets of Osteopathic Medicine express the underlying philosophy:

The body is a unit; the person is a unit of body, mind, and spirit.

The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance.

Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.

Rational treatment is based upon an understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function.

Combining osteopathic philosophy, the needs of the patient and current medical practice, osteopaths work to diagnose, treat and prevent structural and mechanical problems and to restore overall health and vitality.


We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony; not in one part, but as the whole.

– A.T Still, Founder of Osteopathy


Osteopaths have been regulated by statute since 1993 by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

It is a requirement that all practicing osteopaths register with the GOsC and comply with their regulations. More information is available at www.osteopathy.org.uk