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With grass-court season fast approaching people are dusting off their rackets and tennis courts are getting busier. Whether you play avidly year-round or only throughout the summer months, all tennis players have similarities and susceptibility to injury.

In tennis and other racket sports our joints and the soft tissues surrounding them are particularly prone to overuse injuries, often seen in the wrist, elbow and shoulder. This is due to the repetitive motions required when serving, spinning, smashing and sledgehammering the ball.

Tennis players are also prone to traumatic injuries such as ankle strains and sprains and knee injuries, due to the fast pace of a game and changing direction quickly. Other injuries associated with racket sports are carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tendonitis, achilles tendonitis and back pain.

Using a range of manual techniques, such as soft tissue and articulation, osteopaths treat acute injuries and acute and chronic pain. In addition we assess your biomechanics and offer advice on how to best support the area of dysfunction and how to prevent recurrent pain.


Spectacular performances are preceded by spectacular preparation

– Frank Giampaolo

Before the season is in full swing, we advise and encourage you to book an appointment with one of our specialists to address any existing injuries and tensions that might lead to further complication. For more information you can read our sports injuries services and feel free to contact us.