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When should I get a pre and post marathon sports massage? This question has been coming up a lot in clinic with the April Marathon just around the corner – here’s your answer!


In the weeks preceding the event your treatment(s) will have a different structure to your standard sports massage. Your treatment will be tailored to address specific areas that are problematic or tight. Your therapist will use lighter pressure, with the focus on flushing lactic acid and toxins from the muscles. To get a single massage before a race will not benefit as much as regular massage therapy throughout your training schedule.

Your last appointment should be around 5-10 days prior to your run, but no less than 4 days before. This will prepare your muscles for the event, leaving you feeling lighter, fresher and ready to perform! Allow a few
easy runs in the days after your last massage.

  • Day 1 – treatment will be sore but will help improve blood flow and help flush out the byproducts of hard exercise such as lactic acid.
  • Day 2 – this is often the most painful day after the event therefore we do not recommend treatment on this day!
  • Day 3 – normal treatment can resume.

Enjoy the run and don’t forget to bring your medal for your post-event treatment to receive a discount!

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