In most cases pain during pregnancy is likely to be due to an undetected predisposing problem, such as weak ‘core stability’ or pelvic floor muscles, previous injuries, muscle tensions or other structural imbalances. These underlying conditions combined with the increasing weight of the growing baby and softening of ligaments can affect the normal transference of weight and movement through the pelvis and hips.

During pregnancy women may experience low back pain, sciatica, neuropathic pain, groin pain, pubic symphysis pain, rib pain and heartburn.

Pain in pregnancy can generally be treated effectively with osteopathic treatment and management.


  • Correct the imbalances that exist in the pelvis and lumbar spine (normally pre-existing dysfunctions and asymmetries)
  • Release any tension in the muscles and joints
  • Give advice about posture and exercise
  • Give advice on pelvic supports

and assist with POST-PARTUM ailments, such as:

  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain, often associated with feeding posture
  • Abdominal Diastasis
  • Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Strengthening